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Effective Board Report Writing

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Course overview

This fast-paced 3 hour upskilling session is designed for anybody required to produce high quality briefing papers with critical insight.
An effective board report is a strategic extension of day-to-day information-gathering and provides the platform on which boards can work with management to add real value and to gain a critical understanding of the business. Providing the board with the correct information informs better strategic decision making, builds trust and ultimately allows the board to have better conversations.
The information and decision support that board members receive also enables them to discharge their duties in an appropriate fashion.

Why attend?

The emphasis of this seminar will be on the practical application of the tools and techniques learnt during the seminar. A senior representative from a specialist board reporting consultancy firm will provide their perspective and guidance via a series of presentations and practical worked examples. Delegates will be required to practice the techniques learnt during the seminar and will receive feedback on their outputs.

Who should attend?

This seminar course is targeted at those with an intermediate or senior level of knowledge seeking to be updated with the latest developments, information and perspective including:

  • Executive assistant
  • Financial directors and preparers of financial and business performance information
  • Any senior managers required to prepare business cases and board papers
  • Corporate communication
  • Investor relations officers

The course will cover how to write effectively for the board, including the use of Executive Summaries, how to logically structure reports, what to leave in and out of a board report, and how to develop a clear and concise writing style. It will also cover how to solve common mistakes made when preparing board papers.

Course structure

Modul 1: Executive Summaries
Outline the recommended reporting process – and the role of the executive summary in helping to avoid unnecessary redrafts of reports.
Outline the framework for effective executive summaries.
Apply the framework to participants’ upcoming reports (or examples if not applicable) – and review its application. Participants write an executive summary for an upcoming report being prepared by their area of the business. Review and provide feedback.

Modul 2: Report Structure
Outline the recommended framework for structuring reports – the Pyramid Principle.
Apply the framework to participants’ upcoming reports (or examples if not applicable). Participants design an outline report structure. Review and provide feedback.

Modul 3: Writing Style
Outline the recommended framework for a clear, concise writing style.
Discuss the application of this framework to a series of examples.


Half-day course.


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