About us


Our Mission

Our mission is dedicated to providing high-quality knowledge through high-ranking education, building on noble traditions and values. Besides our sharing of the most up-to-date knowledge in finances and economics, and along with the strengthening of the financial culture, special attention is paid to the introduction of socially beneficial best practices. Our institute is aimed at training experts who will be able to tackle the challenges in the sector by way of relying on their acquired skills and modern knowledge.

In our pursuit of knowledge for the public good, just like in education, we reaffirm our pledge for excellence. The role the financial sector plays in the society is inevitable, and this is mirrored in our own commitments. We find it essential that, besides our support to modern knowledge, ethical professionalism be strengthened as well, which underline our contribution to a socially beneficial financial system and to highly acknowledged entities on the market. It is important for us to make sure that our training courses are internationally recognised in the key areas to finances.

Among its ambitions, the Budapest Institute of Banking regards professionally qualified market entities, higher competitiveness and strengthened ethical professionalism as crucial elements. The ambitions are achieved, based on the cooperation of our students, trainers, managers and staff in the institute, in the framework of modern, innovative and experience-based training courses, adjusted to market requirements. The high-level knowledge that our students can gain here will enable them to fulfil important positions at the various companies and institutions of the banking sector, in Hungary and abroad alike.