About us



Gergely Fábián
Chief Executive Officer

Continuing professional development is getting ever higher emphasis even in the banking sector. Complex regulatory requirements for market stability, digitalisation and the need for higher competitiveness all result in a combination of employer and personal motivation for further education. A reform in finance and banking training is urged by the strive to address market challenges, the commitment to retain valuable workforce and the drive for personal development.

There is no competitive financial system without competitive knowledge, for which internationally recognised high-quality education is needed. It means high standards in up-to-date knowledge, in ethical professionalism, in effective knowledge transfer and modern training technology.

The foundation of the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) is rooted in the matching of market needs with the social responsibility objectives of the the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (the Central Bank of Hungary) and the Budapest Stock Exchange. Our mission and motto, titled Edutainment for future experts in finance, is inspired by the goals to achieve our ambitions in top-quality education and to be an internationally recognized institute. Our programmes offer high profile, experience-based and practice-oriented knowledge with top lecturers from the field. Covering the entire operational range of the financial sector, the courses grant the opportunity to participants, from experts to top managers, to gain cutting-edge knowledge and to discover professional development opportunities.

We have already put together a diverse choice of training sessions for the launch of the Institute, as you will see in this brochure. Our ambitious team is dedicated to continuously expand further and improve the courses, hence to build further local and international partnerships. Please take a close look at our offer and give the BIB a try.