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Blockchain - Beyond cryptocurrencies: the many roles of blockchain in digital transformation

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The seminar focuses on digital transformation enablement and the “blockchainification” of existing business architectures –cryptocurrencies and fully public systems take a back seat.

A structured overview of distributed ledger technology (DLT), a real innovation enabled by blockchain, provides the foundations. We discuss the common DLT properties – advantages as well as disadvantages. Consortium and network types are discussed in terms of the fundamental types of collaborations they support. Key technology platforms and flavors of “smart contracts” are also positioned in this framework.

As the central message, we introduce a taxonomy of known and emerging use case patterns, with important real-life examples from various sectors – from fintech through industry to healthcare and energy. Financial applications receive an emphasis.

We also give an overview of the process that leads from idea to working solution, we discuss the key challenges of consortium forming and governance, “blockchainification” paths of existing businesses, the migration of existing processes to a distributed ledger and integration with existing systems. 




The course is recommended to decision makers, business architects and domain experts who want to gain a working knowledge of the capabilities, known-to-work and emerging applications of blockchain-based distributed ledgers.




Distributed ledgers with blockchains: the basics

Use case patterns and specific examples

Key financial applications

“Blockchainification”, process-driven blockchain applications, integration


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