Advanced-level treasury sales

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Why is it important? 

Advanced-level treasury sales is a training course dealing with a field that is indispensable in the judgement of the financial sector. It is important for the clients in the financial sector, just like for foreign trade companies and investors, to be aware of the nature and features of the products on the market and to adjust them to their own needs. Therefore, it is essential throughout the sales process that participants have a clear picture of client expectations. Conscious communication and efficient conflict management are just as remarkable elements. The years of the financial crisis from 2008 have pinpointed several cases that called for a change in the old and traditional selling attitude, suggesting that a difference shall be made between the various sales attitudes. And there comes the notion that it is not about selling but SALES. The 2-day course is dedicated to strengthening this philosophy.

Course content 

During the two-day course participants will learn about the basic sales and communication attitudes, the most important elements of assertive communication and the various methods of conflict management. The course, which covers the fundamentals of sales and the main aspects thereof, provides an opportunity for the hands-on testing and practice of the newly-learnt techniques – and all this in various ways. Promptly applicable knowledge shall be ensured by the observation and analysis of film scenes, the analysis and acting out of individual cases, as well as the hands-on practice and analysis of various negotiation situations. The course does not focus on product knowledge, thus an adequate knowledge of treasury products is a pre-requisite for participation.

Course objectives

  • Learning about and practising the various elements of assertive and client oriented communication
  • Getting introduced to the conflict management methods
  • Raising awareness of the relations between sales, customer relationship and communication
  • Learning about the most important sales perspectives and the practice of its conscious application.

Who is it recommended to? 

The course is targeted at treasury-sales specialists. The bad feeling about and the fear from treasury products, just like the strict legislative environment, make the sales of treasury products and solutions difficult. Still, how can we successfully approach the client? What communication should we use to turn a client into a partner? How can we build long-term relationships with clients? The training course has been designed to give answers to these questions, along with the practical knowledge thereto. 


Two-day course.

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