Correct claims management: another way to do it!

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Why is it important? 

In recent years, the portfolio cleaning process of the bank system has sped up; as a result, a considerable amount of non-performing stocks were overtaken by financial enterprises and financial market intermediaries. The number of contacts with borrowers has also increased in order to recover claims; the behaviour of debt collecting employees may influence the public trust in the operation of the financial system. In its supervisory activity, MNB pays special attention to promote legally compliant, fair, and cooperative practices in claims management. Course participants receive the knowledge to meet supervisory and data protection requirements.

Course content 

Our training plan ensures that experts in the debt management sector can learn about the details of the general and data protection regulations regarding debt collection, as well as the supervisory requirements. Course participants can gain a wide range of knowledge regarding the practical application of general consumer protection principles regarding the management of terminated debts, proper informing of borrowers, the rules of engagement and contact, and the supervisory requirements regarding agreements with borrowers through theoretical studies and case studies. Course participants will also learn about the legal regulations regarding debt collection and operational requirements (organisational rules, internal regulation and administration, expense reporting).

Course objectives are 

• Learning about and supporting the practical implementation of regulations and recommendations regarding the operation of debt collecting companies.
• Attaining the BIB Debt Collection Expert certificate.

Who is it recommended to? 

The course is primarily recommended to experts working with workout retail or at credit institutions and debt management companies. During the course, managers who oversee and manage debt collecting activities can gain relevant knowledge that serves as a secure basis of developing operations that confirm to regulations and supervisory requirements. 

Course structure

Module 1: The legal framework of debt collection 
Module 2: Data protection aspects of claims management
Module 3: Supervisory requirements and case studies

course duration

One-day course.

Available courses and exams

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