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Developers of "FLOW is Good Business" – FLIGBY – were inspired by the Flow theory when they created this on-line company development simulation game based on serious gaming rules according to the guidelines set out by Professor Csíkszentmihályi. The goal of the game is to teach users about the augmenting effect of the “Flow” state described by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi on the individual performance, and to allow them to master its conscious use in a corpo-rate environment. In the game, the player leads a fictional company, making strategic decisions, mapping corporate resources, managing conflicts, building a team, and managing the company in general. The simulation provides accurate feedback on the user’s leadership and the individual and organisational effects of decisions.
Serious Gaming is a new, dynamic niche market of electronic gaming. It includes applications that convey knowledge or messages in a playful way, using the internal logic of video games. Multiple pieces of research indi-cate that digital games are some of the most motivating and beloved pieces of on-line content. The interaction they help realise create a level of dedication and openness in the user that is perfect for creating inspiring study situa-tions. Learning by playing is the most efficient form of learning and practising.
The simulation, successfully used at various universities, businesses, and financial organisations won the title of the Best Digital Management Game in the USA.


Good leadership is a complex routine: one must cope with challenges in multiple dimensions, often harmonising opposing factors: the important with the urgent, quality with quantity, or operations with strategy. One thing is for sure: good leadership is not only about the appropriate abilities, but more and more, about values.
The “FLOW is Good Business" – FLIGBY – transmits a value-based view of leadership. The consequence of how a responsible and initiative-taking participant of a world (value-creation logic) that has changed fundamentally will need different abilities to be successful. The speed of changes is dizzying, which overwrites current rules quickly, but one certain trend seems to be that intuition, cooperation, and entrepreneurship (responsible risk-taking) are very important.
Flow-cultured organisations are proven to improve performance considerably by increasing employee dedication. If responsible leadership can help organisation members find and expand their own Flow by harmonising internal stakeholders, it will be able to decrease operational costs while making the company attractive to outside stakehold-ers, as well.


Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s GOOD BUSINESS value system describes a 21st century, responsible man-agement behaviour that ensures sustainable development. The GOOD BUSINESS value system is a management model based on profitable, responsible, assertive principles, creating values on the personal, organisational, and community levels.
Based on the GOOD BUSINESS value system, one of the primary missions of management development is the creation and reinforcement of managers’ self-confidence. Without this, there is neither competition, nor cooperation. More and more, the key to business success is the manager’s ability to evaluate their own situation and the situation of their team. To think in win-win strategies instead of zero-sum games, to compete in a sustainable way, recognis-ing the time for cooperation, even with opponents. This is a constant balancing act between opposing impulses, in a field where using strength does not exclude recognising weaknesses. 


Module 1: Warm-up (1 day)
Module 2: On-line simulation (max. 3 weeks)
Module 3: Evaluation (1 day)


Two-day training in training room, and on-line simulation.


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