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How to become an effective member of the Board of Directors

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This new Board level workshop is dedicated to top senior managers as well as executives and non-executives of medium to large corporates transitioning between roles.
This course will support professional development of top senior managers, executive and non-executive directors (NEDs) to become more effective and valuable directors with a focus on developing, not just knowledge of all that is expected of directors and their duties, but also the behavioural aspects of being an effective boardroom player.
The workshop will be experiential and will give delegates a chance to experience and practise the different roles of executive and non-executive directors in a safe but challenging learning environment.


  • Executive directors
  • Non-executive directors
  • Board members
  • (Senior) managers (awaiting promotion to the Board)
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • COOs


Modul 1: The Board, its committees and transitioning to the Board
Modul 2: The role of the Board and the Non-Executive Director
Modul 3: The Board’s role in strategy – Oversight versus delivery
Modul 4: The Board’s role in Strategic versus Operational risk management and compliance
Modul 5: Responding to the role of the Chairman


One-day course.

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