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Presentation: dr. Petra Némethi – Handling customer complaints

Why is it important? 

Today, a widely accepted truth in the business sector is that quick, empathic, and professional complaint handling is necessary for a successful market presence; constantly meeting this need is a requirement that costs all financial providers considerable human and other resources. We offer up-to-date practical skills that enable the professional handling of this task in an authority-approved way. The course presents the “authority face” of the consumer protection field of MNB; participants can learn about the supervisory aspects of complaint handling in more depth than the legislative text. It offers practical help in developing and maintaining consumer-friendly complaint handling processes and methods.

Course content

During the course, consumer protection contact persons and complaint handling experts of financial institutions can learn about MNB activities to control institutional complaints handling and the goals and content of other legal remedy forums after complaint handling; as well as the MNB’s correct and applied interpretation of relevant regulations. During the course, the authority’s experts present not only the legal framework, but best practices and the MNB’s expectations – that go beyond the relevant legislation, as well.

Course objectives are 

• conveying detailed knowledge regarding the legal framework and content of legal remedies relevant to complaint handling,
• presenting the primary process of the MNB’s complaint handling related authority practices and their key points and,
• sharing the MNB’s practical experience regarding complaint handling.

Who is it recommended to?

The course is recommended to team managers, middle managers, and consumer protection contact persons who work in the complaint handling divisions of financial institutions.

Course structure

The course duration is 1,5 hours x 2; it is comprised of the presentation of the development of the legal framework and the detailed presentation of the current regulations, followed by the presentation of experiences and supervisory expectations gained in MNB’s activities as the authority for complaints handling.

Training: Mr. Attila Mizsér – Relationship-building in complaints handling


Workshop content 

During a few hours of studying and working, participants get acquainted with the main attitudes of communication as well as the major elements of assertive communication. They learn about complaints handling and the 10+1 communication method, that helps the handling experts work to be more efficient. 
Studying and analysing film clips and negotiating situations will help participants gain immediately usable knowledge and tools for self-assured customer complaints handling.

Workshop goals

• Being aware of opportunities in conflict
• Learning about the two pillars of assertive and customer-oriented communication
• Learning about and practising the 10+1 elements of cooperative and problem-solving style

course duration

One-day course.


Available courses and exams

  • 11 April 2019

    Application deadline

    04 April 2019

    Locations and dates

    • 11 April 2019 -, Budapest Institute of Banking Zrt. 1013 Budapest Döbrentei utca 2. Google Calendar

    Course fee

    95.000 Ft + 27% VAT

    Number of participants

    10 (min) - 20 (max)


    Attila Mizsér, Dr. Petra Némethi

    language of the course






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