The bases of Investor Relations (IR)

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Investor contact is one of the exciting challenges of capital market borrowing and public presence. The communication of public companies, investors, and owners is of key importance in the life of companies. It is of key importance both in developing strategic goals and in everyday operations. Our course allows participants to learn the basics of investor relations from renowned capital market experts, while also being provided with a networking opportunity to share experiences with other practising experts.


Compiling with the reporting duties of public operations is a challenging task. We offer a game-changing help with the most authentic experts for the participants to collect and understand the necessary knowledge to rise to the challenge. Along with legal compliance, gaining insight into capital market processes is also an important factor, to let them understand its operations, gain an overview of its institutions, and finally, to understand the requirements of the investor side. The course aims to reinforce authentic communication between issuers and investors, to increase shared trust, and for market operators, to clarify the requirements based on the legal and other regulations of MNB and BÉT.


• Learning the bases of investor contact.
• Teaching future IR experts best practices.
• Reinforcing company-investor communications.
• Summarising the legal framework of the Hungarian capital market.


For our courses, participants with the following job titles are expected:
• Managers of present and future stock market (or Xtend) issuers
• New IR and PR managers of present and future stock market (or Xtend) issuers
• IR and PR associates of present and future stock market (or Xtend) issuers
• Employees of the appointed consultant of future Xtend market issuers


Module 1: Capital Market 101 – dr. Rita Szalay and Attila Varga-Balázs (BÉT)
Module 2: Investors in Public Markets – Péter Hajósi (K&H Alapkezelő)  
Module 3: Capital Market Transactions – Ádám Hegyi (KBC)
Module 4: Introduction to Investor Relations (IR) – Sándor Pataki (OTP)
Module 5: The Role and Practical Issues of Responsible Corporate Management – dr. Balázs Bodzási (IM, BÉT FTB president)
Module 6:  Viewpoints in Financial Reporting – Zoltán Bárdy (PWC)
Module 7: Reporting Duties in Public Operation – dr. Péter Barnóczki (MNB), dr. Rita Szalay (BÉT)
Module 8: Media Communications – Dániel R. Kovács (Financial Communications)
Module 9: Securities issuing, managing corporate events – Judit Borókné Matus (KELER)


Two-day course.


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