Crypto regulation: EU strikes back?


The European and global crypto assets markets are expanding and evolving before our eyes. The emergence of new payment solutions, decentralised finance, or even metaverses, promises a new, efficient – rather decentralised – financial world. But there is another side of the coin.

The newly emerging products are often complex, and little is known about them, opinion leaders/financial influencers (so-called finfluencers) are able to influence exchange rates through their statements, and hacking is commonplace. All this is damaging investors and undermining trust and confidence in technology and in players. Therefore, regulation is necessary. Let's end the 'crypto Wild West' in Europe. To achieve this, an ambitious plan by European Union policymakers to regulate crypto assets and the service providers (exchanges, custodial wallet providers, etc.) is moving towards adoption. But will this landmark regulation be able to mitigate such risks while protecting consumers and promoting innovation?

As it stands, the draft regulation would soon apply to Hungarian market participants. Therefore, all stakeholders - whether new entrants, existing businesses, investors, or potential investors - should familiarise themselves/be acquainted with the new regulation.


It is aimed at both employees and developers of crypto asset service providers, investors, and anyone either willing to comply with the upcoming rules or interested in learning more about crypto assets.


The main objectives of the course are to give participants a comprehensive overview of the new European legislation. With this knowledge, they will be able to develop their own “crypto strategy” based on the regulation and to create a compliant business model. This can be a huge advantage in an increasingly competitive environment. In addition to the above, it could also have a positive impact on the domestic crypto markets and confront stakeholders with the obvious benefits and undeniable risks of crypto assets.

The course will outline the core concepts of EU regulation, highlighting the directions EU policymakers want to steer the crypto assets ecosystem. We will examine current market trends of practical relevance and compare them with the last known state of regulation.

  • INTRODUCTION: Market trends and SWOT analysis of crypto assets. Is there a legal risk? Should it be addressed by regulation?
  • What does MiCA want to address and how? A critical presentation of the draft.
  • What does the market say? The MiCA from the perspective of external market participants.
  • Possible discussions and exchange of views between speakers.
  • SUMMARY: Conclusions, future orientations.

Tamás Katona will be supported by Ralph Rirsch and Stefan Tomanek excellent experts from Vienna this time in order to provide an as horizontal and and in-depth, detailed discussion on the topic as possible.


2.5 hours of training, designed in an online format.

38 000 HUF + 27% VAT ~ EUR 94

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