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London Stock Exchange Group Academy X BIB Embedding ESG Frameworks to Drive Corporate Value, Finance Long Term Growth and Attract Responsible Investment - ONLINE

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The four times half-day workshops are addressed to senior managers, CEOs, CFOs, IR managers and CSR managers of mid-sized to large corporates in Hungary and Eastern Europe, approaching sustainable financing and responsible investment as a source of funding for their growth.

This hands-on learning programme will focus the attention on one of the potential game changers in capital markets: sustainable finance. It will represent for delegates an opportunity to “know-how” to implement at best “effective ESG practices and disclosure frameworks” in their companies and open access to international capital flows from different types of investments, including SRIs.

All financing opportunities offered by sustainable finance asset classes will be discussed in detail with the experts and peers as a powerful means to fund corporates growth strategy on the longer term.

The programme will be highly interactive and experiential. During the final group work exercise, delegates, by building upon the focus areas described in the course, the delegates will identify a set of prioritised actions to engage a wider investors’ base and eventually raise capital from capital markets.


CEOs, CFOs, IR Managers, CSR Managers, Board members of mid sized to large listed companies of all sectors


Session One: The role of capital markets in advancing the sustainability agenda

Session Two: Sustainable finance asset classes – Equity / Debt / Derivatives

Session Three: Responsible Investments Strategies

Session Four: Implementing solid governance and ESG schemes to attract international investments

Duration of the course 

four times half day



350 000.- Ft + 27%  ÁFA


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