Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel - in partnership with TMI

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How can you maximise the effectiveness of your treasury workflows in Excel? This intensive 1-day session will teach you how to develop stable, collaborative financial models for finance and treasury functions. You will leave the session with worksheets developed throughout the day and the ability to immediately implement a series of dashboards in Excel for your treasury department.

• Gain the ability to implement structural and process changes, leading to tighter control of your treasury activities, minimised costs and improved visibility.
• Leave the session with a comprehensive understanding of how to build and maintain a variety of robust models and dashboards with their own reports in Cash Flow Forecasts, Integrated Financial Statements, Foreign Exchange Risk, Asset-Liability Management & Gap Analysis, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Collateralised Lending and CEO Managerial Overview.
• You will learn how to design a robust workflow for your regular functions in Excel; from the use and manipulation of data, to the production of analytics and resulting key indicators (KPIs, KRIs, KAIs) and a place for managers to monitor treasury activity and extract reports.
• From both a theoretical and practical approach, our experienced tutors will provide you with a takehome set of templates and tools which you can then implement in your department.
• Throughout the session you will also perform exercises and examine case studies, applying them to your own working environment.

Leading the session will be Patrick Verspecht (ATEB) and Hugues Pirotte (Professor of Finance at the Solvay Business School).


• Understand best practices in financial modelling and building dashboard applications in Excel
• Lean data management, user interactions, working with big sources of data and data querying tools
• FX risk dashboarding: aggregating market data, FX positions and hedging policy integration
• Financing, AML and gap analysis with simulations
• Cash flows and financial statements: generating automatic statements and using Excel as a CRM

DATE AND venue

October 18th - Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget