Day One by Euromoney/EBRD

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Day One by Euromoney/EBRD


Session One

  • Introduction/Welcome
  • Course Objectives
  • Fundamentals of Credit Analysis - Getting everyone up to speed
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Analysis and Ratios

Session Two

  • Definition of NPL and Distressed Debt
  • Identifying the Underlying Symptoms of Distress
  • Catching Decline Early
  • Reasons for Failure and Identifying Warning Signs
  • Psychology of Management in Distress
  • Altman’s ‘Z’ Score
  • Work-out Options

Session Three

  • Valuing a Business on a Break-Up Basis
  • Benchmark for Considering Other Options
  • True Asset Values
  • Acceleration of Maturities
  • Crystallization of Liabilities and Contingent Liabilities
  • Hardening Periods
  • Ranking of Creditors
  • Need for Legal Audit of Documentation and Security

Session Four

  • Valuing a Business as a Going Concern
  • SWOT, PESTEL & Porter’s 5 Forces
  • Business Plans and Projections
  • Sensitivity Analyses
  • Analysing Management - Argenti’s ‘A’ Score


  • Hamarosan

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