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Bearning - SimBa - Simulated Bank Management

Bearning has been providing customized and comprehensive banking trainings since 2007. They have focused on bank education and consulting, particularly in the area of bank management, financial markets, asset and liability management, and regulation and risk management. Bearning used to work closely with Finance Trainer, an Austrian consulting firm.

Their computer based simulation SimBa allows the participant to know a model bank management from all aspects - they create the bank strategy, price and evaluate bank products, manage the bank's balance sheet and P&L account, they make decisions, manage the bank's risks with the goal to satisfy the requirements of shareholders. SimBa works in current regulatory environment Basel III / IV. Bearning provides highly effective and tailored solutions when concerning consulting and financial trainings. Target groups are: executive academies and education programmes for bank experts; In-house programmes for banks (e.g. talent’s, leadership and management programmes); Banking professionals, prospective managers.