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A revolution by economists in Budapest!

Similarly to the act performed by Luther 500 years ago the group of international economists called New Weather Institute together with the members of Rethinking Economics who are present at 70 universities all over the world have recently put their reform ideas in 33 theses just as Luther did in Wittenberg. Using a plastic hammer, they nailed their theses on the entrance door to the main building of the London School of Economics. Their demands offered a critique of neoclassical economics and urged to renew the society of economists.

In cooperation with the MNB’s Department at Corvinus University of Budapest, the ELTE Institute of Business Economics, and the Czech, the Slovak and the Polish Economic Associations, the Hungarian Economic Association organised a conference on innovative ideas encouraging pluralism and an interdisciplinary approach. The discussion was also supported by the Budapest Institute of Banking, as we believe the messages of the theses with regards to reforming the one-dimensional education of economics are important.

The video recording of the discussion held in Budapest can be watched on the HEA’s website and the presentations of the plenary sessions can also be downloaded. Numerous interesting articles are available on the subject matter of the conference and economics itself in the Economania blog of the MNB’s Department at Corvinus University of Budapest.

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Picture: Brett Scott