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Cooperation between the London Stock Exchange Group Academy and the Budapest Institute of Banking

Upon the foundation of the Budapest Institute of Banking it was the founders’ intention to transform BIB into an educational centre of the region by offering special English-language courses. In the past year, 10% of the courses were conducted in English, while this year’s course catalogue contains twice as many English-language courses.

Of the English-language courses in this year’s- semester, the ones organised jointly by the London Stock Exchange Group Academy (LSEG Academy) and the BIB should be highlighted. A long-term partnership agreement between the two entities was signed by Gergely Fábián, Chief Executive Officer of BIB and Daniela Biagi, Head of LSEG Academy on Friday.

LSEG Academy is the educational centre of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), serving its customers in the UK, Italy as well as internationally. LSEG Academy designs and implements integrated training programmes aimed at supporting individuals through professional development and helping companies grow their relevant skills base to drive best practice and keep pace with constantly evolving nature of business and financial markets.

As a result of the cooperation, the educational institutions of the Budapest and LSEG will jointly organise courses in three subjects in Budapest this year for investment market participants, managers and professionals of the banking and financial sectors. 

The course How to become an effective Board member aims to improve the professional skills of medium-sized and large-corporation managers. Workshops and case studies will be used to present expected leading roles in team work, which can be practised by attendees in an authentic but challenging educational environment. 

The attendees of Effective Board Report Writing will familiarise themselves with the importance of concise, clear managerial summaries in the decision-making process, and they can practise the key items of the business report structure. The objective of the seminar is to offer ready-to-use practical skills while effectively supporting the best strategic decision-making process.

The attendees of the course Technological Innovation in Capital Markets and beyond will be offered an insight into the authentic future analysis and the methodology of the demystification of mega trends through the DRIVE model. The subjects to be covered include the analysis of demographic characteristics, resources, inequalities, volatility and entrepreneurial ecosystem, the effect global change imposes on corporate strategies, the spread of artificial intelligence and the presentation of innovations in capital markets.  

All three seminars will be held by teachers from LSEG Academy  and experienced professionals holding managerial positions at banks and large corporations in the UK.