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Edutainment: Education made fun

Education and learning theory tells us, that learning will bring better result if the process of learning itself can be transformed into easily recallable memories.

A practice difficult to be integrated into the structure of traditional education systems, edutainment, is a necessary ingredient in the training of working professionals, who have little free-time to spare. Experience-based learning builds on a natural key component of our human behaviour, namely curiosity. This drive is a very strong motivator that accompanies us all, since our childhood. In the process of learning there can be many obstacles, ranging from the lack of motivation to a lack of interest in the topic covered, however, if experience-based learning can help us transform theoretical knowledge into problem-solving actions, we are already on the road to success.
When different ideas acquired through the process of learning can be connected to relevant experiences, they can greatly contribute to the internalization of knowledge and the future retrieval of pertinent memories. According to experts, this activity-centred learning method is a unique way to process even the toughest subjects and learning materials, regardless of the specific topic covered. The tools of edutainment form an integral part of the teaching methodology of the BIB. We use these tools in all of our courses: as an example, in order to provide a parallel to the rules and regulations in the world of investment management, we have invited chef Tamás Széll to talk about the strict measures imposed in the world of top gastronomy.