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Attila Mizsér, Olympic champion and trainer at BIB’s Treasury course




In 1994, after his sport career, he started his banking profession. In his two-decade bank career he was a treasury seller, and he worked as an interbank dealer in foreign exchange. Besides his degrees of professional coach and economist he is a qualified trainer and coach as well. Ha has been providing education for almost twenty years; he gives lectures and leads workshops on sales, communication and conflict management. He also provides general management training and knowledge transfer through motivation and communication. In addition, he develops sports trainers and sports managers.

-- What is a champion at the Seoul Olympics is doing in the world of finance?

-- I gave up pentathlon 23 years ago. Maybe I could still have had a good year or two, but I got an offer from a bank that was worth getting off the horse. Of course, at that time I just hoped that as a banker I would feel as comfortable in my own skin as before. The past years have proven that I made the right decision.

-- Well, treasury after pentathlon is certainly not an ordinary change…  

-- When I graduated from the College of Physical Education, I already felt that our world was about to change. That’s why I applied for the College of Foreign Trade, and this opportunity came up almost immediately after graduation. I got acquainted with all the departments in eight months, then I remained at the treasury department. I liked the fact that I could deal with people and that I had to make decisions within seconds. What made my heart happy used to be a good swimming result and back then, the joy of a satisfied customer.

-- And how did the barefooted world champion in Melbourne become a banker in suit, and finally a coach and trainer in checked shirt?

-- In Melbourne, I indeed lost one of my shoes at halfway as it got stuck in the ankle-deep mud. I had to decide within a tenth of a second whether to look for it and put it on or keep running. Starostin was breathing down my neck, so if I stop, my five-second advantage is lost. I kept running and still managed to win in the end. I believed in myself and didn't panic. I can help other people because of such experiences gained in sport and later, in the years of the financial crisis, in dealing with bank customers. With twenty-odd years of pentathlon and nearly the same in the banking profession, I have acquired rich and extensive experience in the field of stress management, self-motivation, determination and flexible consistency, both as an individual and as part of a team. Olympics or business challenges, it’s all the same. I have learnt how to exploit the experience gained in sport and business, and that’s what I wish to transfer to as many people as possible at the courses of the Budapest Institute of Banking.