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Moody’s Analytics educational framework in Budapest

In light of the experiences gained from the latest financial crisis the European Union attempts to avoid unfair lending and borrowing practices of market participants by setting requirements and carrying out inspections. The essence of the MCD Directive is high-quality consumer protection. Its objective is to let a seamlessly functioning market form within the EU, based on credit agreements linked to real estate.  For the safety of estate loans it guarantees that institutions issuing estate loans on the financial market and their employees complete their work in a responsible and highly professional manner. The directive prescribes all those to have the adequate knowledge and compulsory, regularly renewed courses who engage in issuing estate loans to consumers.

The novel Credit Coach system

We offer personalised courses after completing an online placement test based on an international practice. Our students will receive a training tailored to their knowledge and skills proven during the completion of the case study. In addition to internationally practical knowledge, the course syllable also includes the discussion of the characteristics of the domestic market and its novelties. The knowledge meeting high professional standards is certified by an accredited official examination at the end of the course, which will potentially guarantee customer satisfaction and a higher level of recognition of the financial institution.

Teaching material based on supervisory criteria

Following the guidelines of the MCD Directive, the European Banking Authority (EBA) prepared the EU-level regulation for credit intermediaries regarding the acquisition of licences meeting professional requirements. The EU’s mortgage loan directive created to improve the objective criteria of consumer credit agreements linked to residential properties, sets requirements for employees of credit institutions operating in real estate markets. At the Budapest Institute of Banking’s courses students will learn all the skills that enable them to comply with all the official regulations related to employees handling mortgage loans. A certificate of the comprehensive training programme will be jointly issued by the BIB, the International Training Center for Bankers and the Moody’s Analytics.